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live concert

The Butlers

  • Oct26 Halloween Bash - HOT FOR TEACHER (Tribute to Van Halen) // The Butlers (Vintage 70's & 80's R-n-Roll // Bay Company (Tribute to Bad Company) Club Fox Club Fox Tickets
  • Apr18 ***POSTPONED (NEW DATE TBD)*** One Wild Night (Tribute to Bon Jovi) // Bay Co. (Tribute to Bad Company) // The Butlers (Vintage 70's Rock-n-Roll) // Cheaper Trick (Tribute to Cheap Trick) Club Fox Club Fox
  • Oct31 Halloween Bash - Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (Tribute to ZZ Top) // The Butlers (Covering Thin Lizzy, Def Leppard, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, UFO, AC/DC and way more!) // Redline (Tribute to Foreigner) Club Fox Club Fox Cancelled
  • Jan11 Pat Travers Band // The Butlers (Vintage 70's Rock-n-Roll) Club Fox Club Fox Sold out!
  • Apr13 The Butlers (Vintage 70's Rock-n-Roll) // Modern Day Cowboy (Tribute to Tesla) Club Fox Club Fox Tickets
  • Mar15 Damage Inc., The Butlers Club Fox Club Fox
  • Jun01 Destroyer, The Butlers, Crüella Great American Music Hall Great American Music Hall
  • Feb07 POWERAGE, The Butlers, Feather Witch Club Fox Club Fox
  • Feb20 The Butlers, Steel Horse, Cheaper Trick Club Fox Club Fox
  • Feb25 POWERAGE, The Butlers, Plush Club Fox Club Fox