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Rat Bastard

  • Jan05 Rat Bastard, Destroyer, Graveyard Tan Little Fox Theater
  • Mar10 Damage Inc., Children of the Damned, Rat Bastard, Terry Lauderdale Project Little Fox Theater
  • Jun24 SFO, Rat Bastard, Terry Lauderdale Little Fox Theater
  • Nov23 Rat Bastard, Jungle Rooster Little Fox Theater
  • Jun04 Speak of the Devil, Damage Inc., POWERAGE, Rat Bastard Pound SF
  • Mar11 Damage Inc., Strangers In The Night, Rat Bastard, Lovedrive Club Fox
  • Oct27 POWERAGE, Rat Bastard, Graveyard Tan, Speak of the Devil Little Fox Theater
  • Sep21 Speak of the Devil, Rat Bastard, Rock on Broadway Club Fox
  • Oct28 POWERAGE, Rat Bastard, Neighbor of the Beast Club Fox
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