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live concert


  • Jan13 Evolution, POWERAGE Little Fox Theater
  • Jul30 POWERAGE, Screaming for Vengance Little Fox Theater
  • Jun04 Speak of the Devil, Damage Inc., POWERAGE, Rat Bastard Pound SF
  • Aug25 POWERAGE, Children of the Damned, British Steel The Red Devil Lounge
  • Jul22 Evolution, POWERAGE Slim's
  • Jun02 Damage Inc., POWERAGE Club Fox
  • Sep24 Damage Inc., Paradise City, POWERAGE, Strangers In The Night Slim's
  • Oct27 POWERAGE, Rat Bastard, Graveyard Tan, Speak of the Devil Little Fox Theater
  • Jul22 POWERAGE, Damage Inc., Blood Red Forestville Club
  • May28 POWERAGE, Feather Witch, Cheaper Trick Slim's