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  • Jan05 Rat Bastard, Destroyer, Graveyard Tan Little Fox Theater
  • Jan12 Destroyer, British Steel, Generation Swine The Red Devil Lounge
  • Aug25 Evolution, Destroyer The Red Devil Lounge
  • Jul28 Destroyer, Who Too, Generation Swine Rockit Room
  • Nov24 Evolution, Destroyer, Generation Swine Slim's
  • Sep14 Destroyer, Children of the Damned, The Ry Kihn Band, Terry Lauderdale Project Little Fox Theater
  • Jun23 Evolution, Destroyer Red Devil Lounge
  • Jun01 Destroyer, The Butlers, Crüella Great American Music Hall
  • Jun01 Destroyer, Roses N' Guns Great American Music Hall
  • Jun04 Speak of the Devil, Rat Bastard, Rock on Broadway Club Fox
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